One afternoon

And then, just like that, out of nowhere, 
it snowed.

I crossed the signal on the zebra,
not paying attention to the speeding car,
(in this country I don't need to.
'100mph? No problem, I shall pause,
You cross the road please. Wink.')
Humming a Hindi song,
I passed in front of the Hauptmensa.
And then, just like that, out of nowhere, 
it snowed.

The beautiful woman, smiled at me.
I was the only customer then.
I had looked in her direction
momentarily, from amidst my world,
which only comprised of that
delicious Pfannkuchen and salate
and the soulful music that played.
She smiled.
Had she been watching me all the while?
as I nodded my head to the song and 
chewed slowly the content of the platter.
This beautiful woman, 
she reminded me of someone I knew,
but I could not really say who.
She smiled at my nonchalance.
I walked back from lunch,
crossed the street without a second thought,
and was humming a Hindi song when, 
just like that, out of nowhere, 
it snowed.

The line of tiny-tots,
scurried ahead, 
tumbling on top of each other.
Little bundles wrapped up
in thick winter-proof wears.
Holding hands and curious,
about everything: peeping into,
over, from behind and from beside
every trivial thing around.
An excursion I suppose;
their tall-teacher with a bunch of
toys and sports-gear in his hands,
shouting out to them,
I broke off from beside them,
it was tough to take your eyes
off this overwhelming cuteness.
I entered my favourite restaurant,
had a delicious lunch,
and caught the beautiful woman
smiling at my nonchalance.
I still do not know,
who she reminds me of.
I walked back, crossed the street,
had been lost in a song when,
just like that, out of nowhere, 
it snowed.

I wish I could go on.
Stitching up events.
Theoretically, I could go 
as far as my time becomes zero. 
But alas, this was from a day
from the week before the last!
And now, t has done its job.
Memory of that day is clogged.
Visions of lovely smiles: blurring.
Sounds of loud laughter: getting muffled.
Sensation of speeding cars nearing:
not much remaining.
And all I know for sure,
is the way I felt, when, for once,
just like that,
out of nowhere,
it began to snow.
And I looked up,
stretched out my gloved palms,
let a few flakes settle for a while,
and sensed the blooming of a poem,
as the snowflakes melted through
the pores of the interwoven wool to 
reach the warmth of my skin.

The featured image is an independent work of:
Smeet Soni   –

He clicked this photograph in the beautiful town of Tangmarg, Kashmir, India

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